Cryptid Camp - Update Page


All pre-orders from September have been shipped out! We do apologize for the delay in this preorder. Containers are scarce over the holidays and we had to adjust on the fly. We will keep this in mind for any other pre-orders in future! Regular orders are now shipping out within the same week.

Cryptid Camp 2024:

We had a bit of a misprint situation with our print pack and had to redo them! So they are on the way to our shipping facility, and we will send them out ASAP. Estimated arrival to customers is mid March.

Cryptid Camp 2024:

We are so excited to be heading back to camp this year, August 2024! We'll be bringing back any faves y'all might have missed out on, along with some new products! (we are hoping for a few new crewneck designs, a camp bag, pins and badges, a cap, bandana, etc...). Sign up for emails to be notified when we're back on the bus, headed to camp!