You sell out so fast - how do I get a hat?!

I'm so sorry if you haven't been able to get the items that you want! I am only one person and do all the embroidery, photography, marketing, packaging and shipping myself. This means there just have to be a limited number. I also need to take care of my hands <3 You can enter all your payment and shipping information beforehand, so the checkout process is super speedy! I hope you understand! If you want a better shot at getting the hat you want, I do early access draws on my Patreon! 3 winners for every drop get to preview and shop at their leisure before others! 

Can I commission a hat?

Unfortunately my commissions are closed at the moment and for the foreseeable future. I am doing a monthly draw on my Patreon for 1-5 customs per month, as I am able to do them, but for the moment that's all I can offer. I hope to open them up more one day, but the time commitment is just so much higher!

I missed out on X design - will you bring it back?!

I know this answer sucks - but I just don't know. I do like to revisit older designs, but I can't guarantee that this is something I'll do for your fave one. I am an artist, and embroidery is my art! While it is on functional, wearable items - I'm not interested in pumping out 20 of the same design. I'd get bored! So while I would like to bring some back, and I do often, I just don't know until I'm sitting down, ready to make. However, my Patrons will get say in which designs to bring back when I do a fan fave drop - so keep an eye!

Can I use or buy your designs for my own work?

My designs are not patterns, and I am not currently selling any. Please do not recreate my designs - even if they are for personal use. Of course, some of the characters I embroider are from other artists (like Studio Ghibli) but I do always try and add a design element, so it's not just a recreation. Please use my work as inspiration, and create something unique for yourself! I may sell patterns in the future.

How do I care for my hat?

Please check out the page Hat Care for more info!

Where can I learn to embroider?

I found YouTube to be a great starting place, and enjoyed Diana Vingert's videos for basics. Best thing to do is just pick up the materials and begin! Don't get overwhelmed with buying every colour of floss - just begin! Have fun!

Where do you source your hats?

I have a YouTube video where I discuss this!

What material do you use?

I mostly use yarn for my embroidery now, though I also use tapestry floss and traditional embroidery floss. 

Can we work together?

Maybe! My business email is knock.thrice.art@gmail.com or you can DM me on Instagram, @knock.thrice