Into the Darkness // Pre-Order Shipment Updates

Hello folks! Here is a page you can check to see where your items are, if they have arrived or are en-route to Canada, or on their way to you!


- Sept 25: All crewnecks have arrived and have begun shipping to customers. We have multiple thousand orders so it will take some time to get them shipped to you. we aim to have all crewneck-only orders out by the first week of October. Greg & Wirt cardigans are en route, and will be about 3-4 weeks before shipping to customers. If this date is too long for you, please reach out to get a refund of your order.

- Sept 17: Some sizes of Retro Forest & Patient is the Night have arrived, Mediums will be coming later. Greg & Wirt designs are set for mid to late October (Wirt is taking a bit longer than expected as the volume of orders is very high, but they are shipping next week and usually take 3-4 weeks to arrive to Canada)

- Sept 12th: Mossy swamp crewnecks have arrived! Orders with just this item have begun shipping out and should finish by the end of the week. Other crews are still en route, as are the Greg & Wirt cardigans.

- Sept 1st: All crewnecks have begun their trip to Canada, but this journey can take 3-4 weeks sometimes. The first ones to be shipped were the Mossy Swamp crews, and those could arrive as early as the first week of September (fingers crossed!). The Greg cardigans shipped out August 30th, and the Wirt cardigans are still in production, to be shipped out hopefully in the next week or two. I am amazed that we're still currently within our expected TAT (late Sept to mid Oct) as we had about 8x the orders that we expected! I know you want your garments ASAP, but please remain patient ♥


Sept 12: A nice update, the second batch is actually all set to go out sooner than expected, around late September. This means they may arrive to Canada as early as late October. Odds are looking good for y'all having them in time for the holidays!

- Sept 1: These crewnecks are still in production, and aren't expected to begin their journey to Canada until mid October or early November. We are hoping they'll be shipped to you all before the holiday season, but it's not something I can 100% guarantee! If this is an issue for you, and you'd like to cancel your order, please email me on the contact form and I'll be happy to help!