Knights in Cozy Armour - Update Page


Our container full of cardigans is currently sailing towards us, and is estimated to arrive in early March, with dispatch to customers in mid to late March! Unfortunately our previous post about them arriving through customs by the 12th has now been updated, and has been pushed to the 23rd. If this is too long of a wait for you, please send an email and I am happy to refund or cancel any orders! In future, we will be giving ourselves and Canadian customs more buffer room for future preorders. Our sincere apologies!

Paladin Protector Bags:

Production has begun on our shield bags! As we had so many requests, we swapped this one to a preorder, and have now begun working on them. Overstock is already on the site, and our current estimate is that these will be shipping to customers late April/ early May. We are on track for this estimate.


We are on track for prints to ship out at the same time as the cardigans. 

Note: if you ordered a sweater or prints along with a Paladin Protector shield bag, your order will not ship until the bags arrive. If you would like your sweater to ship sooner, please email us and we can split your order to ship separately.