Into the Darkness preorder details

Here is some info on the next preorder, and the last one!

★ The 2nd preorder will NOT affect production OR shipping times for the 1st one. Items will ship as predicted!

☆ It will also NOT affect the overstock sale in autumn (in fact, it increases odds you’ll get the sweater you want as less competition!)

★ These will NOT arrive by spooky season, and they likely WILL arrive by the holidays but I can’t 100% guarantee it (tho it’s like 85% odds)

☆ Unfortunately I CANNOT combine orders from the first round. If you wish to buy an extra item, you can cancel your original order and place a new one, OR place a second order.

★ UNLIMITED preorder as usual, open until MONDAY, august 14th at 11:59 pm! 7 days!

☆ No Reservations as it’s getting complicated, and unfortunately PayPal still hasn’t released all my funds from the previous order, so only open by request!