Shipping Policy


It is so upsetting when a package seems lost in the postal void, and I know how frustrating the wait can be. However, items do often get held up at customs, especially at this time when post offices are overrun with items, and packages are taking longer to clear customs. I declare all of my packages appropriately, but at a certain point it is out of my control. I do offer a replacement items for print media (stickers, prints, etc) or a refund, after the following days wait:

Local packages (Canada): 20 business days from shipping date.
North American packages (USA): 40 business days from shipping date.
International packages (rest of world): 60 business days from shipping date.

For embroidered items such as hoops, hats, clothing, and original paintings, a full refund will only be accepted if the buyer selects the tracked shipping option. If you select standard, untracked shipping, I cannot offer any refund, as it is a total loss for me too. The wait times are the same as above for refunds and replacements. If you would like your item re-made, we can discuss that on a case by case basis, and find a solution that works for everyone! If your package is returned to me and you would like it reshipped, it is your responsibility to cover the new shipping (which must be tracked) as well as the fee I pay to have an item returned. If you do not wish to reship the item, I can refund the item minus the cost of the return fee.


If you are hoping to have an item done on a rush timeline, please get in contact with me and I can quote the price based on your needs. There will be an additional rush cost, and while I can finish an item in a short amount of time, the shipping still remains unpredictable. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


As all embroidered and handmade items are unique, I do not accept refunds unless there is a serious issue with the item. Please reach out to me with photos of the issue, and we can sort it out together! Remember your items are made with love and care, but they are not the same as machine-made embroidery, and you must be gentle with your wearable art!