Reservation / Deposit System


Due to popular request, we are trying out a deposit/reservation system! You will be able to reserve a sweater with one listing, and it will be made and saved for you. Later (2-3 weeks after the purchase) you will be sent a $50 discount code (the cost of your deposit) and the URL for a private listing, where you can make your final purchase. You will only be able to purchase the same item you put your deposit down for, no additional items or size changes. If you need to change sizes, you must email before the private listing goes live.

If you are able to make your full purchase, please do so and leave these spots for those who aren't able. PLEASE NOTE: if you choose to not buy your items at the later date, your deposit will be 50% refunded. You must email with your order #, and request the refund. 

I will email twice to remind everyone about the deposit listings and give them the link to make their purchases. You have up until the product arrives to our warehouse to make your final payments, so please don't feel rushed when you get the email, just keep it in a safe place for when you're ready to order!